What is the destination?

As a college student, I am in a stage of life where everyone around me – and myself included – is in school pursuing a particular degree. A special piece of paper certifying that the university recognizes that they have learned a significant amount in a particular field of study. I recently attended Union’s graduation ceremony, and it was an exciting thing to see friends … Continue reading What is the destination?

“God cares about my GPA.”

Just something I’ve been thinking about lately- I’ve heard it commonly said by classmates at my Christian university that “God doesn’t care about our GPAs.” While I certainly agree that God’s love is unconditional, I’m realizing this semester that He does care about my GPA. He has me in college at the moment, and I’m responsible for studying and learning everything I can from my … Continue reading “God cares about my GPA.”

How to tune your violin at home (if you have a piano)

Like I mention in the video, do not use the tuning pegs unless your teacher instructs you to or you are an advanced student/professional. Other than that, tuning your violin to the piano can be a very simple and easy process! If you are unfamiliar with the notes on your piano, follow this link to find a guide to the piano notes. Continue reading How to tune your violin at home (if you have a piano)

A Field Trip to Nashville’s Violin Shops

I felt very productive today. I had to visit an AT&T store to switch my service to my new phone, and since I live in the tiny town of Pleasantville during the summer where going anywhere is at least an hour drive anyway, I decided to visit Nashville. I went to The Violin Shop first and chatted with Fred Carpenter for a long time, picking … Continue reading A Field Trip to Nashville’s Violin Shops

Playing Violin for an Event

Last week, a representative at Union University called me and asked if I could play violin at an upcoming dedication ceremony for their School of Adult and Professional Studies program. Although my solo repertoire is honestly a bit small (I’m much better with an accompaniment or in the orchestra), I agreed to do it because I saw it as a great chance to try something … Continue reading Playing Violin for an Event

Playing in the Orchestra Pit!

I’ve always thought it would be cool to play in an orchestra pit. This week, I’ve been helping with the music for the play, Hello, Dolly! It has been a very interesting project. I’ve only done one other similar production before, and that was about 5 years ago! (That one was a lot easier, too.) I met our director about a month prior to the play … Continue reading Playing in the Orchestra Pit!