What is the destination?

As a college student, I am in a stage of life where everyone around me – and myself included – is in school pursuing a particular degree. A special piece of paper certifying that the university recognizes that they have learned a significant amount in a particular field of study. I recently attended Union’s graduation ceremony, and it was an exciting thing to see friends … Continue reading What is the destination?

How to tune your violin at home (if you have a piano)

Like I mention in the video, do not use the tuning pegs unless your teacher instructs you to or you are an advanced student/professional. Other than that, tuning your violin to the piano can be a very simple and easy process! If you are unfamiliar with the notes on your piano, follow this link to find a guide to the piano notes. Continue reading How to tune your violin at home (if you have a piano)

A Field Trip to Nashville’s Violin Shops

I felt very productive today. I had to visit an AT&T store to switch my service to my new phone, and since I live in the tiny town of Pleasantville during the summer where going anywhere is at least an hour drive anyway, I decided to visit Nashville. I went to The Violin Shop first and chatted with Fred Carpenter for a long time, picking … Continue reading A Field Trip to Nashville’s Violin Shops

Playing Violin for an Event

Last week, a representative at Union University called me and asked if I could play violin at an upcoming dedication ceremony for their School of Adult and Professional Studies program. Although my solo repertoire is honestly a bit small (I’m much better with an accompaniment or in the orchestra), I agreed to do it because I saw it as a great chance to try something … Continue reading Playing Violin for an Event